TutorPro GOLD Version

***GOLD version is recommended***



What is the difference between the GOLD and LITE Editions?

The GOLD version offers very high-quality functionality that you will not find in the LITE version (see features below). It offers a better user interface, text-based courses, translation-ready application, file attachment to lessons, tracking of student progress. While the LITE and PRO versions share some features in common, the LITE version cannot be upgraded to the GOLD version due to major differences in functionality.

Highlight of Features

  User Management

Admins can manage user access, deactivate user accounts, resend activation emails and even login as other users without having their password information. This is great for debugging user issues.

  Page and Blog Management

TutorPro GOLD Edition makes it easy for admins to provide usefule information to site users through blog posts and site pages. This is a great way to create articles that educate authors and students on how to use the site - eg Student Guides and Instructor Manuals.

  Localization (Translation-ready)

TutorPro GOLD comes ready for translation into any LTR Language. Currently, complete English and Spanish translations are included (although if you are a native Spanish Speaker you might want to look at the translation for correctness). It also provides boilerplate translation files for over 20 other languages. Even Blog Posts and Site pages can be created in multiple languages.

  Select Site Currency

TutorPro GOLD gives the admin the opportunity to select the currency they would like their site to be in. You can specify any currency supported by PayPal and Stripe...and it's a lot!!!

  Site-Wide Discount Promotions

Want to run a promotion campaign and sell all courses at a discount? We've got that covered. Admins can create discount coupons which appear in the frontend for site visitors, and can be used to purchase ANY COURSE at a discount.

  System Messages

As admin, you can send emails to all or some of your users in one click...yes it's that easy. Simply select the recipient group, compose your message and click send. Let your users know what is going on with a few clicks.

  Theme color switcher

We have made it easy for admins to change the theme color in the frontend with one click. Simply select from one of our prebuilt theme colors and that's it, you've got yourself a different look and feel in the frontend.

  Support Video Lessons

We support video lessons in various ways - Uploaded to the server or embedded from YouTube, Vimeo and Amazon S3.

  Support Text Lessons

Yes, it is not only about videos...we support text-based lessons too. An Author just has to pick what lesson type they want to create and voila!!! It's done!

  Feature Courses Use our drag-and-drop interface to mark courses as "Featured" in the frontend, which will appear on the homepage grouped by categories. Really cool stuff!!

  Flexible Course Pricing and commissions: Admins specify the price list that authors MUST choose from when they create their courses. This gives the site owner the power to control pricing. Also the admin decides and defines the commission that an author will earn from an Organic Sale (sale resulting from Admin's promo campaign or sale done with no coupon used), and how much the author earns as commission on every sale made from their own promotions (Yes Authors can create and share coupons for their own courses too).

  Approve / Disapprove courses: All courses submitted have to be approved by the Admin before they go live. We give the Admin a way to ensure the quality of content published on their site. Interact with authors during their course creation process and give them feedback.

  Attach Downloadable resources to lesson with ease: Have any downloadable materials or exercise files you want to share with your students? We've got you covered. You can upload a downloadable file for every lesson. How cool is that?

  Store Videos in the Cloud or on Local Server: You can choose to store uploaded videos on your local server or on Amazon S3 cloud service.

  Approve / Disapprove Fund Withdrawal Requests: We have not forgotten that Authors will need to get paid. Authors send withdrawal requests, which the admin can view and update in the backend.

  Social Login: TutorPro GOLD now includes the flexibility of social login, providing login with Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, LinkedIn, Google and BitBucket. 

  Author Coupons: Yes, Authors can create coupons for their courses and share with the world to earn a higher percentage of the sales. This way, the author is encouraged to promote their own courses and make more money.

  Stripe and PayPal Integration: The system accepts course purchase by Credit Card (processed on Stripe's Secure Servers) and by PayPal. With some minor technical skills, you will be able to add other payment gateways as well (we are open to discuss custom jobs on this).

  Course Forum: Let Authors interact with Students through the Q&A forum in each course. Students can also receive help from other students through this forum.

  Course Announcements: Authors can send announcements to students enrolled in one or more of their courses in a few clicks. If they have any new courses or want to share coupon codes for their upcoming courses, they can do that through announcements.